Two $20,000 and Two $40,000 Mega Millions Winning Tickets Were Purchased

Regardless of how they show up, wins are wins, so congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for a less appealing win over the Tennessee Titans on Thanksgiving, and to several Texans for attractive lottery winnings.

Two Wins of 20,000 USD

2 of 20,000 USD lucky Mega Millions tickets bought in Texas on November 25th’s drawing, according to the Texas Lottery, after these players got 4 right (winning) digits and, of course, the Mega Ball. Also, with Mega Ball eighteen, those digits are 29 – 31 – 46 – 54 – 67.

Since the players wanted to quadruple their winnings, they picked the Megaplier option on the two winning tickets, which would have otherwise only earned 10,000 USD. More than 19,000 gamers across Texas earned at least $2 in total.

The Horned Frogs of TCU have won big in soccer so far in 2022, but there’ve also been some significant lottery winners, and this trend is still going strong as the year is ready to come to an end.

Two Wins of 40,000 USD

Two 40,000 USD lucky Mega Millions tickets from the November 29th draw, according to the Texas Lottery, were purchased in Texas. These tickets were successful in matching the Mega Ball and 4 winning digits to win the third-place prize.

These tickets would have only earned 10,000 USD without the players’ decision to use the Megaplier feature, which would have quadrupled their wins. With the Mega Ball six, the lucky digits were 20 – 23 – 37- 46 – 52.

In the whole Lone Star State, there were nearly 21,000 winners who each received at least 2 USD. The following drawing is scheduled for December 2 and will include a 333 million USD prize with a 172.3 million USD cash value.

The jackpot for the upcoming Mega Millions draw, which has got a cash value of 305,000,000 USD and is scheduled for November 29, is 158.2 million.

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