2 By 2 Lottery Game Complete Guide

2 By 2

The highest reward in the multi-state lottery game 2 by 2 is $22,000, and on Tuesdays it doubles to $44,000 each week! Ticket price is just $1 and it provides eight different opportunities to win, with a 1 in 3.59 chance of winning a reward. Drawings are held 7 nights a week. Learn about the game’s rules, payouts, chances of winning, and prize-claiming procedures.

2 by 2 is a national draw lottery game that is played in five states as a member of the Multi-State Lotto Association. While Powerball and Mega Millions’ mind-blowing jackpots are absent from 2 by 2, it still boasts decent odds, attractive rewards, and daily draws. This game is for you if you’re seeking for a little lottery entertainment while you prepare for larger drawings to occur. Currently, the following states provide 2 by 2: Nebraska, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming.


2 by 2 was originally made available to players in Nebraska and Kansas in 2002, but North Dakota started selling tickets in 2006. 2 by 2 sales began in Wyoming and Idaho in 2021. Arizona, Minnesota, and Iowa each had their own versions of the game, but these have since been canceled. On August 26, 2022, Idaho ceased offering 2 by 2 tickets.

How to Play?

All you have to do is choose two red digits from 1 to 26 & 2 white digits from 1 to 26 while paying $1 each line. It’s that easy! Another alternative is to purchase a multi-draw ticket, which enables you to participate in seven consecutive draws and, as an added bonus, qualifies you for the 2 by 2 Tuesday promotion, which doubles the value of any prizes won on that day.

You should check out 2 by 2 if you’re looking for a lotto game with excellent chances. The chances of winning each prize are listed below:

1)  Odds of matching two red and two white digits; prize – 1:105,625 – 22,000 USD

2)  Odds of matching two red and one white digits; prize – 1:2,700 – 100 USD

3)  Odds of matching one red and two white digits – 1:2,200; prize – 100 USD

4)  Odds of matching two red digits – 1:382; prize – 3 USD

5)  Odds of matching two white digits – 1:382; prize – 3 USD

6)  Odds of matching one red and one white digit – 1:45; prize – 3 USD

7)  Odds of matching one red digit – 1:8; prize – a free ticket

8)  Odds of matching one white digit – 1:8; prize – a free ticket

Collecting Your Prize

All 2 by 2 prizes, with the exception of the top prize of $22,000, may be collected at any lottery store in a state that participates. If you win the grand prize, you’ll need to get in touch with the lottery administrators in the state to finish the claims procedure.

You’ll only have so much time to claim your 2 by 2 prize, no matter what it is. In Kansas, winners have 365 days to contact the lottery, compared to 180 days in Wyoming, Nebraska, and North Dakota.


In Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming, you must be minimum 18 years old, and you must be at least 19 to play 2 by 2 and claim any winnings you might win.

The rewards will be distributed among victors on a pari-mutuel system if there’re more than 10 jackpot winners in a given 2 by 2 drawing, which means that the monetary amount of the top prize might alter.

Be careful, because the current decade is the best time for digital scammers and you’ll probably meet one of them someday. Don’t fall for it if somebody calls you unexpectedly about earning a 2 by 2 award and requests your personal information; you’re probably being set up for a lotto fraud.

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