The Largest Mega Millions Jackpots in the Lottery’s History

We want to let you know about the best ten Mega Millions jackpot wins in the game’s history while the prize keeps growing!

1) 1,537,000,000 USD (South Carolina)

In 2018, on 23rd of October, an unidentified player from the South Carolina’s tiny city of Simpsonville became the winner of the biggest Mega Millions award ever (so large it was named Mega BILLIONS). The winner and the state itself also generated a profit, as the ticket ‘earned’ 61,000,000 USD in state tax.

2) 1,337,000,000 USD (Illinois)

A lucky Illinois Lottery player received the second-largest Mega Millions prize ever. As of the day this article was written, the new multimillionaire had not yet been in touch with the Illinois Lottery. They may be not aware about their big win.  The Illinois Lottery donates around twenty-three cents per dollar spent to charity and educational establishments across the state, so this mystery winner wasn’t the only 1 to strike it rich!

3) 1,050,000,000 USD (Michigan)

There will be new millionaires in 2019. A Detroit lotto club with 4 players shared a 1,000,000,000 USD prize from the January 22, 2021 Mega Millions draw. A lottery pool called the “Wolverine FLL Club” got the incredibly good fortune to own the ONE and also, only jackpot-lucky ticket. According to a statement made by the lottery players, the families of the team’s members would be impacted by this kind of money for future generations. They want to be modest and show kindness to everyone in southeast Michigan.

4) 656,000,000 USD (Illinois, Kansas, Maryland)

On 30th of March, in 2012, that huge jackpot was shared between 3 lucky tickets. (2 of these appeared to be Quick Picked). Maryland Lottery official revealed that every victor receives around 105,100,000 in cash, but who worries about cents at this point?

5) 648,000,000 USD (Georgia and California)

Every winner of the 2 lucky tickets, which were purchased in 2013, on 17th of December, 1 in Georgia and the 2nd in California, collected 324,000,000 USD. The Georgia victor said that after verifying his numbers, he left the message on his employer’s answering machine that was saying that he’s extremely sorry and he won the lottery. He added that he doubt he’d go to work either then or ever.

6) 543,000,000 USD (California)

Thanks to their workplace pool, a team of 11 coworkers divided their $543 million jackpot on July 24, 2018! All 11 members were at the time employed at Wells Fargo, which is in San Jose, so they’ll be (literally) experts at handling their new wealth!

7) 536,000,000 USD (Indiana)

An Indiana couple who had purchased five Quick Pick tickets while on a road trip on July 8, 2016, hit the huge prize. By claiming their award through a state-licensed legal office, the lucky family was capable of maintaining their anonymity.

8) 533,000,000 USD (New Jersey)

On March 30, 2018, a guy from New Jersey won the biggest jackpot in the history of the region. The lump-sum payout, which was approximately 175 million USD after taxes, was accepted by him. He rebuilt a 1964 Corvette with his good fortune and intended to give a sizable portion of the proceeds to charity.

9) 522,000,000 USD (California)

On 7th of June, 2019, a lady from San Diego claimed her 500,000,000 USD award. This lucky ticket was also a Quick Pick outcome. The lucky winner stated she intended to use her newfound wealth to pay off her debts and purchase a new house when she elected to choose the cash payout of 340,000,000 USD before taxes.

10) 516,000,000 USD (Pennsylvania)

This $500,000,000 jackpot was claimed by a five-person trust called “Peace of Mind” on May 21, 2021. They received a cash lump sum payout of $348 million. their attorneys claim, “This is money that will change people’s lives. The victors want to maintain as much normalcy in their life as possible. They reside in tiny towns in eastern Pennsylvania. To maintain that normalcy, anonymity must be maintained. A Quick Pick was the winning ticket.”

Remarkable Wins:

451,000,000 USD (Florida)

Another successful Quick Pick! On January 5, 2018, a fortunate 20-year-old guy won the prize. He first obtained a $5 scratch-off reward, which he used to buy his lucky Mega Millions ticket. The winner declared his intention to buy a house and provide for his family.

437,000,000 USD (New York)

Office gathering! Unbelievably, on January 1, 2019, a team of 23 coworkers from a modest retail company in Long Island won this record prize. The New York State Lotto has never had a prize won this size. Each member of the group who chose to accept the lump-sum payout left with slightly under $8 million. Not bad at all.

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