All You Need To Know About US Cash4Life Lottery Game


The lottery’s name is rather self-explanatory. If you choose the right sequence of numbers, you will be given $1,000 every day for the next of your life.

Cash4Life was introduced in New Jersey during the summer of the year of 2014. Currently, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia are among the other 5 states where the game is accessible.

Since its prize is not progressive, Cash4Life differs from other lotteries in some ways. This implies that the jackpot (grand prize) for the subsequent drawing won’t rise if there isn’t a winner in the current drawing of the game. The top price is consistent and profitable enough to entice so many people to try Cash4Life.

How must Cash4Life be played?

You must correctly guess five numbers within the ranges of 1 and 60 to be eligible to win $1,000 every day. Additionally, you must select a Cash Ball among 1 and 4. The highest reward is awarded to those who correctly guess all six numbers.

Players have the option of entering their own digits or purchasing a ticket with a computer-generated random pick. A single-entry costs two dollars.

Players must specify how they want to be paid if they win the 1st or 2nd prize while filling out their tickets. Cash payouts and annuities are the two options. In the following portion of the post, we’ll go through both possibilities.

Daily Cash4Life draws take held at the New Jersey Lottery head-office. An impartial public accounting firm oversees the drawing to ensure fairness.

What are the chances of claiming Cash4Life reward

The highest reward has already been briefly discussed, but Cash4Life also offers gamers numerous other chances to win cash.

The highest reward is $1,000 each day for your entire life. These can be distributed as a one-time payment or over time as an annuity. If a player opts for a lump-sum payout, the 1st and 2nd prize cash values are listed on the lottery’s official website. Remember that the player cannot alter their decision regarding how they wish to get the funds once cash payout is selected and mentioned on the lottery ticket.

If they win, a player who initially selected annuity payments can change to a cash payout. Depending on which is longer, the jackpot is awarded for the winner’s whole life or for a 20-years-time.

There is a 1:21,846,048 chance of winning the jackpot of Cash4Life lottery game.

  • The chances of matching 5 numbers and the Cash Ball ‑1:21,846,048;
  • The chances of matching 5 numbers – 1:7,282,016;
  • The chances of matching 4 numbers and the Cash Ball – 1:79,440;
  • The chances of matching 4 numbers – 1:26,480;
  • The chances of matching 3 numbers and the Cash Ball – 1:1,471;
  • The chances of matching 3 numbers – 1:490;
  • The chances of matching 2 numbers and the Cash Ball – 1:83;
  • The chances of matching 2 numbers – 1:28;
  • The chances of matching 1 number and the Cash Ball – 1:13;

The receiver of the 2nd prize will receive 1,000 USD every week for his entire life. The likelihood of winning second place is 1 in 7,282,016. The prize money will be distributed equally among all winners when there are among 2 and 14 individuals.

The 3rd reward is worth 2500 USD, the 4th is worth 500 USD, and the 5th prize level is worth 100 USD. Several minor awards are also available.

A state withhold tax is applied to any awards worth more than 5,000 USD. Additionally, there is a gross taxable income on winnings over 10,000 USD.

After the draw, winners have just a year to collect their reward.

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