Three Players Win $1,000,000 in Mega Millions Lottery

Three players each won minimum $1 million, while the 18th of November, Friday’s Mega Millions draw’s 238 million USD jackpot remained unclaimed.

With a prize’s cash option of 131,400,000 USD, the draw on 22th of November, Tuesday, will be valued 259 million USD.

November 18’s Mega Millions results were 2, 14, 16, 38, 66; (The Gold Mega Ball – nine; The Megaplier booster – four).

3 lucky players win Jackpots

Although, there was no jackpot winner, 3 players each won 1,000,000 dollars in the draw by matching all 5 balls (white), which were selected. These tickets were distributed in Colorado, Florida, and Georgia.

The Megaplier feature was also used by the gamers in Colorado and Florida, increasing their prizes to 4,000,000 USD.

One winning ticket from Michigan received 2,000 US dollars in the draw. The state’s greatest reward was won with that one.

351,185 tickets that won a minimum of four dollars in the draw were sold. 12,510 Michigan tickets were sold, and at least 4 USD was won on each one.

Tuesday and also, Friday at midnight are selected as Mega Millions draw days. The Mega Ball is chosen from a ball set with a number ranging from one to 25. 5 balls are chosen from a ball set with a number between 1 and 70. 1:302,000,000 people have a chance of winning the jackpot.

In addition to the Virgin Islands and the DC, Mega Millions is contested in 44 states. Each ticket is 2 USD worth.

Michigan’s lottery life

The anticipated jackpot for the next drawing of the Powerball lottery, which takes place on Saturday, 19th of November, is 93 million USD, with a cash amount of 46,700,000 dollars.

The prize for the following Lotto 47 drawing, which takes place on Saturday, 19th of November, is 2.55 million US dollars. The deadline appears to be 7:08 p.m.

The projected value of Saturday’s Fantasy 5 grand prize is $100,000. It’s drawing time at 7:29. It is now 7:08 p.m.

Go to the Michigan Lottery website for the most recent updates, along with additional details on raffles, instant lottery tickets, and alternative lotto games.

The Wolverine FLL lotto club, which won a 1.05 billion USD prize in March 2021, was the latest Michigan player to claim a Mega Millions or even, Powerball jackpot. The group intends to support the neighborhood with their wins.

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