Player from Illinois Wins $4,000,000 in Mega Millions Lottery

A Southern Illinois man just became $4,000,000 richer.

4 million USD Mega Millions ticket was purchased in Circle K store

The lucky 4 million USD Mega Millions ticket from Tuesday’s draw was purchased in Murphysboro, near Carbondale, as was revealed by Illinois Lottery’s authorities. According to authorities, the ticket was bought at a Circle K corner store.

According to Illinois Lottery authorities, the ticket contained all 5 correct digits: 5 / 13 / 29 / 38 / 59, with a Megaplier to claim the top prize.

However, the ticket winner is not lonely in the lottery. The Circle K, which sold lucky ticket will earn 1% of the reward as a bonus, according to organizers. That works up to 10,000 US dollars for the 4,000,000 USD ticket.

Illionois as a lucky center for lottery players

This is not the 1st time when lucky Mega Millions ticket has been bought in Illinois.

A 1,340,000,000 USD Mega Millions ticket was purchased earlier in the year of 2022, at a petrol station in Des Plaines, Illinois. The claimants, who came forward about 2 months after their rewards were revealed, “want to remain private,” according to the Illinois Lottery.

Mega Millions draws take held at 10 p.m. CST on Fridays and Tuesdays. According to authorities, the jackpot price for Friday’s lottery draw is expected to be $189 million.

Over a dozen additional winning lottery tickets were purchased in Illinois during last week, including thirteen tickets for 50,000 USD.

Two of the mentioned tickets were valued at 100,000 US dollars since players got 4 digits and the Powerball, as well as the lottery’s Power Play feature, which doubled their reward.

2 tickets were sold through the Illinois Lottery’s webpage. The rest of lucky tickets were sold in differnet stores or gas staions in the Illinois state.

The 2,004,000,000 USD jackpot was won by just one ticket in Monday’s draw. The purchaser bought the lucky ticket at a petrol station in California and has  year to collect his reward.

According to Illinois Lottery authorities, winners of 250,000 USD or more have the option of not having their identities released. However, this is not always the case. According to authorities, the victor of Monday’s Lottery jackpot would not be permitted to stay secret under Californian Legislation.

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