The Third-Largest Lottery Win Valued $1.337 Billion

Just one ticket purchased in the neighborhood of Chicago for the whole $1.337 billion has claimed the 3rd-largest Mega Millions reward.

As reported by the Illinois Lottery, single ticket purchased in Des Plaines won the top reward in the drawing of the Friday night’s, clinching the fourth-largest jackpot of every USA lottery game – capping a buildup that started when Mega Millions’ previous jackpot winner was drawn in the middle of April.

In accordance with the Illinois Lotto, the lucky ticket was bought at a petrol station near Des Plaines, about 20 miles northwest from Chicago’s downtown.

The winner has not yet reached out to get his prize.  As the director of the Illinois Lottery’s announce,” We are not even sure if they are aware that they’ve claimed anything.”  He also stated that everybody should examine their tickets.

According to lottery administrators, the jackpot increased from an earlier target of 1.28 billion to 1.337 billion US dollars lately on Friday.

If the purchaser chooses the lump-sum choice, the single ticket may lead into a one-time payoff of roughly $780 million. Alternatively, the prize will be distributed in twenty-nine equal year payments reaching about $1.34 billion.

The MegaBall code was 14, and the numbers of the lucky lottery ticket were 13 / 36 / 45 / 57 / 67.

Offering the prized lottery ticket might bring in $0.5 million for the petrol station, where the ticket was purchased.

The lucky ticket owner has got only one year from the draw to claim the prize and might choose to maintain his or her name a secret. Lotto winners in the state of Illinois who’ve received more than $250,000 might want to keep their name and address a secret.

One ticket purchased in the state of South Carolina in 2018, was the winner of the highest Mega Millions prize ever, which was $1.537 billion. As said by Mega Millions, that is the third-biggest jackpot for just any USA lottery game as well as the greatest lottery payout ever won with only one ticket.

The 1.586 billion USD Powerball jackpot on January 13th, 2016, which was the highest jackpot in every US lotto game, was split among individuals from 3 states – Florida, Tennessee, and California.

Other lucky tickets and jackpots

On Friday, a few other ticket buyers also received significant winnings.

A secondary reward of minimum $1 million was claimed by 26 tickets as they suited only first 5 numbers.

6 of all 26 tickets, each worth $2 million, were purchased by players who not only correctly selected the show’s first 5 numbers but also spent $1 to unlock a booster (multiplier) which increases non-jackpot rewards.

According to the authorities of the California lottery, only one of all 26 tickets purchased there did not contain the booster but still ended up winning over $4.2 million. This is due to the fact that all rewards in the California state must be dependent on sales and the number of winners rather than having a set value.

Without the booster, all twenty “Match 5” winning tickets were offered in the following states: one in California, two tickets in Georgia, two in Florida, one in Illinois, one in Louisiana, one ticket in Kentucky, Michigan, two tickets in Minnesota, two in North Carolina, two more in New Hampshire, one in New York, a ticket in Oklahoma, one in Pennsylvania, a pair of tickets in Texas, and a single one in Wisconsin.

The 6 $2 million worth tickets were purchased in, Florida (three), Pennsylvania, Arizona and Iowa, as the Mega Millions lottery announces.

The first jackpot claimed since April

Since the middle of April, when the Mega Million lottery jackpot was claimed on successive draws on 12 of April and on 15 of April, the prize had already been increasing. No ticket has since suited all 6 numbers in the 2-times a week lottery, which is difficult. There is a one in 302,575,350 chance of claiming the prize.

Just after Friday night’s drawing, the lottery’s website was down for a while. In accordance with the lottery’s digital platform, jackpots begin at 20 million US dollars and increase dependent on ticket’s sales and the rates of interest.

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