The Winner of $1.337 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Prize Remains Anonymous

A spokeswoman of Mega Millions confirmed to The Washington Post on the Saturday morning that a lucky Mega Millions lottery ticket for the anticipated $1.337 billion prize was purchased in Illinois.

Unknown person became a billionaire thanks to lottery jackpot

The Ohio’s Lotto Commission’s spokeswoman Marie Kilbane, informed The Post via email that she had won. There’s been one grand prize ticket, she said, and it was purchased in Illinois.

The winner in Illinois, who hasn’t yet filed a claim, was greeted by Pat McDonald, head of the Ohio’s Lottery, who is now the company’s current senior director for the Mega Millions game.

In a press release, McDonald stated, “We’re happy to have seen one of the largest jackpot winners during Mega Millions existence. We can’t wait to congratulate the victor and are anxious to learn who won!

On Saturday, the projected jackpot rose from approximately 1.6 billion USD to 1.337 billion US dollars. The award’s lump-sum payoff is valued at $780.5 million.

The lucky winner is still unfound

According to actual purchases, the ultimate value was more than expected, according to a press statement from Mega Millions.

Per the Illinois Lottery, the lucky ticket was bought just at Speedy Café petrol station in the neighborhood of Chicago, Des Plaines, state of Illinois.

Whether the owner of the lucky lottery ticket will be named is unknown. If a player wins a prize worth at least $250,000, the Illinois Lottery advises that they can make a formal request upon the Illinois Lottery Claim application to keep their identity and current address in secret from open publication.”

Per the Mega Millions, there have been 26 tickets that suited 5 numbers to win the show’s second-tier rewards. According to a recent report from Mega Millions, twenty additional lucky tickets each won $1 million while 6 of those tickets, which had the victorious Mega Ball, won $2 million. These 26 tickets were bought in 17 different states. The 5 tickets from 26 were purchased in the state of Florida.

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