Mega Millions Jackpot Prize Has Increased To More Than 1 Billion USD

The jackpot has crossed the enormous $1 billion threshold just three times in the twenty-year existence of Mega Millions lottery.

The upcoming Mega Millions lottery’s drawing is expected to have a $1.1 billion prize, which would rank 2nd in the history of the lottery.

The 2nd largest jackpot of Mega Millions lottery

According to a statement released by Mega Millions early on Wednesday, Friday evening’s drawing will be 30th in this jackpot series, which started on April 19 when the prize was claimed in Tennessee state on April 15th.”

The cash payment payout is approximately 648,2 million USD (included taxes).

Although the prize from Friday is now anticipated to be worth over one billion dollars, the Mega Millions lottery record payout, which was claimed in the state of South Carolina on October 23, 2018, still remains unsurpassed.

The winner received $1.537 billion; the highest lottery reward ever received on a standard ticket in the history of the planet. When three winners divided 1.586 billion US dollars Powerball drawing in the year of 2016, it became the highest lottery payout ever.

At all reward levels, there have been 6,775,330 lucky tickets (winning tickets) from the drawing on Tuesday night. Nine different tickets combined to collect the Mega Millions silver medal by matching 5 white balls. Due to the extra Megaplier, one of the purchased in Ohio was valued $3 million.

The remaining eight Game five tickets, totaling $1 million in value, were obtained in Ohio, California, Illinois and Florida in addition to two each in the state of New York and the New Jersey state.

Over 28,100,000 winning tickets throughout all award levels, including forty-two for $1 million or even more, have already been drawn in the 29 games since the Mega Millions jackpot has been claimed in the state of Tennessee on 15th April.  

New Hampshire, Arizona, Virginia Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, Arkansas, New York, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, and California are the seventeen states throughout the US where such large rewards have been won.

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