Mega Millions 2,000,000 USD Prize was Finally Claimed

According to the Florida’s Lottery, a 2 million USD victorious ticket of the Mega Millions draw on 29th July has been collected.

The 2 million USD Mega Millions prize

69-year-old Palm Harbor resident and O.D. managing member Barnett Bailey According to the Lottery, Boots Trust picked up the reward at Lottery Offices in Tallahassee on Thursday.

All 5 white ball digits were matched by the victorious Quick Pick entry with Megaplier, but the Mega Ball was not matched right.

The lucky ticket was bought at the Palm Harbor Winn Dixie at 1360 Tampa Road. If the store sells a victorious Mega Millions ticket, they will get a $5,000 additional commission.

The Mega Millions ticket which won the 1.337 billion USD grand prize was purchased in Illinois on 29th of July. In September, two persons who wanted to stay nameless won the cash.

Transferring your victorious ticket into the hands of the trust is how a trust operates. The trustee or your lawyer can then make a claim for the trust on favor of the winnings. When you give someone else your winning lottery ticket, a lottery trust might be useful.

Since 2013 when Mega Millions welcomed new players, the game has raised over 938.7 million USD for educational causes and given out over 835 million USD in rewards to 67.7 million participants.

On Friday, 9th of December at 11:00 p.m., the following Mega Millions draw will take place. with a potential 379 million USD jackpot on ET.

2022‘s Mega Millions Jackpots

  • 502,000,000 USD on 14th of October – won in California, San Jose, Fort Myers, and Florida;
  • 1,337,000,000 USD on 29th of July – won in Des Plaines;
  • 110,000,000 USD on 12nd of April – won in Minnesota;
  • 20,000,000 USD on 15th of April – won in Tenn, Pegram;
  • 128,000,000 USD on 8th of March – won in New York;
  • 426,000,000 USD on 28th of January – won in Calif, Woodland Hills.

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