Two Individuals From California/Florida Won Mega Millions $502 Million Jackpot

The white balls 92, 26, 41/44 as well as the golden Mega Ball 19, were chosen in Friday night’s Mega Millions lottery drawing. Lucky ticket buyers in California/Florida will be enjoying the Christmas season in luxury after getting all six digits drawn.

The 502 million USD ($252.0 million in cash) grand prize, the 11th-largest jackpot in the history of the game, will be split between the winners. Due to robust sales, the actual jackpot sum was more than expected.

Since the astounding $1.337 billion reward won in the state of Illinois on 29th of July, this is the 1st Mega Millions lottery jackpot victory. The first time several tickets have divided a jackpot in nearly exactly five years happened on 13th of October in 2017, when winners from Michigan/Rhode Island shared a 42 million USD reward.

There were many additional winners in the draw on 14th of October expect of grand prize winners. For the second-tier reward in the game, 3 tickets have to match all 5 of the white balls.

The extra Megaplier, which can be purchased in most states for an additional $1, was added by a Texas player and had been 2X on Friday night’s draq, making the ticket worth 2 million USD. The regular 1 million dollars prize is won by the other 2 tickets, which were purchased in North Carolina and New Jersey.

25 tickets offer a third-tier prize for getting 4 white balls and the Mega Ball. 7 of those had the optional Megaplier as well, making them each valued $20,000; the other eighteen received the usual $10,000 award. For the October 14th drawing, there were over 1 million winning tickets purchased overall across all nine reward categories, along with the 2 grand-prize-winning tickets.

The path of Mega Millions jackpots in 2022

This year’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot is indeed the sixth one to be won so far. The excitement began on 28th of January with a 426 million USD prize in California. This was followed by prizes of 128 million USD in New York on 8th of March and 110 million USD in Minnesota on 12nd of April.

On Tuesday,18th of October, the jackpot was equaled to its beginning amount of 20 million USD (10,000,000 USD in cash).

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