Everything You Need To Know About the US SuperLotto Plus

US SuperLotto Plus

Playing the lottery is one of the biggest international pastimes. You will often find people you know buying tickets for your local lottery, or fawning over the lucky winners of bigger ones. One of these major lotteries is the SuperLotto Plus in California. It is one of the biggest lotteries in the United States, giving winners millions of dollars in their jackpot.

You can also become one of their lucky millionaires by playing. But if you don’t know how to play the SuperLotto Plus or don’t live in the state of California, we have a solution for you. In this guide we will go over how to play the lottery, and how you can play it from anywhere you are.


The SuperLotto Plus started all the way back in 1986. Most of the well established lotteries in the United States started out in or before the 90s. SuperLotto Plus is similar to most well established lotteries, in that it started before the 90s.

It initially began as the California SuperLotto; and by 2000, it became the SuperLotto Plus you know today. However, their name was not the only thing that changed in 2000. The rules of the game also changed, and became very similar to the MegaMillions, as it considerably easier to understand.

Draw Days and Time

Draw days for the SuperLotto Plus are the same throughout the year. On these days, they will announce the winners of the lottery. They will release the winning numbers, and people whose numbers match with the winning numbers take home the jackpot. The draw will occur twice every week on a Wednesday and a Saturday.

Other than following specific days, the SuperLotto Plus also follows specific time when they will reveal the winners. This cut off time serves two purposes. One, the cut off time means that you will not be able to buy tickets for the current lottery after that time. Two, it shows that SuperLotto Plus is now compiling the results. Every week on Wednesday and Saturday, you will find out the winners of the lottery after 8:00PM PT.

Special Draws That You Can Play Throughout the Year

Special draws are quite a common sight in most lotteries. Some lotteries will offer a unique spin on their lottery at random times throughout the year. They will often occur during various holidays, or special moments, and they usually come with improved prizes to boot. You will find better prizes as well as better odds in these special draws. These draws, usually have more prize tiers as well, ensuring that more people win prizes.

The SuperLotto Plus, unlike most other lotteries, does not have special draw. Although we will get into this in more detail later, the main reason why they do not have special draws is because of their rollover jackpots. Thanks to rolling over jackpots, they can amass hundreds of millions of dollars for one lucky winner. In fact, these jackpots can often overtake most special draws jackpots.

Highest Recorded Jackpots

Most lotteries that have a rollover jackpot are able to produce some very happy winners. Although SuperLotto Plus sends people home with millions of dollars, some jackpots stand out than the rest. The biggest jackpot from the SuperLotto Plus was over $190 million. On February 2002, three people won that massive jackpot of over $190 million, with each of them walking home $30 million richer. The lottery was able to gather such a massive amount after 11 rollovers.

The second biggest jackpot win came in 2001, with a massive pool of over $140 million. What separates this win from others is that there was only one winner for this jackpot. Alcario Castellano from San Jose was the lucky winner, making him the biggest individual jackpot win in the history of SuperLotto Plus. Alcario Castellano went from being a store clerk to a millionaire in fell swoop. He has also been playing the lottery non-stop for 15 years, and he was finally able to get his big break.

The final biggest win in SuperLotto Plus was from a total of 54 individual amongst 10 different winning tickets. The massive pool of over 50 people won a total of $118 million in 1991. Each individual went home with over $2 million in cash.


One thing that brings most lotteries together is that they all have the same rules, more or less. If you have played one lottery, you will know how most of them will work. Of course, most lotteries have a unique quirk that differentiates them from most other lotteries around.

Since the SuperLotto Plus is very similar to the MegaMillions, people who have played that will know how to play this. In fact, almost everything is the same, with a few key differences. But if you haven’t played many lotteries, then here is how you can play the SuperLotto Plus.

How the SuperLotto Plus Works

To play the SuperLotto Plus, you will first have to buy a ticket. This ticket will have your unique six digit number, which you will match with the winning numbers. And if your numbers match the draw, you will win the jackpot. Seeing how your entire journey starts from buying a ticket, it might be the best place to start.

When you buy a SuperLotto Plus ticket you will first have to choose five main numbers and a special number. You can choose these five main numbers between a 1 and 47. And it doesn’t matter which numbers you choose first, the numbers on your ticket will always appear in ascending order. Once you choose the main numbers, you will now choose your Mega number from 1 to 27.

Of course, if you are not to sentimental about the numbers that you choose, you can let the machine choose random numbers for you. You can also randomize the numbers until you find a selection that you like. Furthermore, if you will be playing this lottery for more than one draw, you can go for Advance Play. The numbers that you choose with advance play will be your ticket numbers for the next number of draws you want.

When you buy your ticket, you will now wait for the draw to see if you won the lottery or not. However, if all your numbers do not match the winning numbers, don’t let that put you down. There are more prizes that you can still win by matching certain number. For example, if you didn’t match the Mega number but matched the other five main numbers, you qualify for the second tier prize. 

When to Buy Tickets for the Upcoming Draw

Buying a ticket is the only way that you can have a chance at winning the jackpot. Therefore, if you don’t manage to buy a ticket for the upcoming lottery before a specific time, you will not participate in the upcoming lottery. The cut off time both Wednesday and Saturday draws is 8:00PM PT.

More importantly, if you are buying a single ticket, that will only count towards the upcoming draw. So if the next draw is one Wednesday, you cannot buy tickets for Saturday. On the other hand, you can buy a single ticket and choose how many draws to play on those numbers. You can choose to play between 2 and 20 draws with a single combination of numbers. You can save yourself from the race against the clock before the next draw by going with the Advanced Play option.

Odds of Winning

Having good odds to win is essential to any lottery, as it is one of the biggest motivators for bringing in players. If the odds and prizes are good, players will flock towards the lottery to play their hand at winning. But if they do not have good odds, it can be hard for players to bet on them. Luckily, SuperLotto Plus has pretty good odds.

  • Jackpot = 1 in 41,416,353
  • 2nd tier= 1 in 1,592,937
  • 3rd tier= 1 in 197,221
  • 4th tier= 1 in 7,585
  • 5th tier= 1 in 4,810
  • 6th tier= 1 in 185
  • 7th tier= 1 in 361
  • 8th tier= 1 in 74
  • 9th tier= 1 in 49


Much like how odds are great motivators for players to come into a lottery, prizes are also a great motivator. In fact, in some cases it is an even better motivator than odds. People are willing to take their chances as long as they are able to win a considerable amount of money. Fortunately, SuperLotto Plus has both great odds and great prizes for its players.

  • 5 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $7,000,000
  • 5 Main Numbers + No Mega Number = $27,123
  • 4 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $2,260
  • 4 Main Numbers + No Mega Number = $94
  • 3 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $52
  • 3 Main Numbers + No Mega Number = $10
  • 2 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $10
  • 1 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $2
  • 0 Main Numbers + Mega Number = $1

All of these rewards are before any rollovers. Therefore, the price can change considerably depending on the rollovers of a particular jackpot.

Minimum Jackpot Wining Prize

All rollover jackpots start somewhere. Before they can reach the hundreds of millions, they will first start at a reasonably small amount. From there they will slowly grow into a massive amount that one player will win. That being said, the starting jackpot prize also has to be good enough for players to feel convinced in playing for the top prize.

SuperLotto Plus starts at $7 million and slowly works its way up with each rollover. Each rollover adds a minimum of $1 million, along with the amount generated through ticket purchases.

Rollovers and How They Increase the Jackpot

Rollovers are a great way for different lotteries to increase their jackpot incredibly. If no one wins the jackpot in a draw, the winnings will transfer to the next draw. So the tickets that players will buy for the next draw will add to the new jackpot along with a specific amount by the lottery themselves. This is will result in a new amount that anyone can win. 

The SuperLotto Plus takes advantage of rollovers, as the jackpot keeps growing for every person that does not win the jackpot. The minimum amount that the jackpot increases with is $1 million. After that, the jackpot will increase over time through ticket sales.

Are There Any Prize Multipliers to Improve Winnings?

Prize multipliers are also a staple of most lotteries, popularized by the Powerball Lotto. Multipliers work exactly as the name implies. If you manage to win a prize in a lottery, a prize multiplier will multiply that prize by a specific number.

These multipliers occur at random and only at the draw. In other words, you cannot choose the multiplier you want, but hope for it. So if you win $50,000 and have a 5x multiplier, you will take home 250,000. But these multipliers do not work on jackpots and certain prize tiers.

SuperLotto Plus does not have any prize multipliers that can change your rewards. While it would have certainly been great, they feel that their current jackpots and other prizes suffice.

Winning a Prize Online

Playing the lottery can be a lot fun. But nothing quite compares to playing the lottery in the comfort of your home. You can easily play the lotteries that you like without having to go out and wait in lines. However, playing the lottery online can feel very daunting. There are plenty of sites online looking to steal money from you or trick you into thinking that you are playing the lottery.

Getting Your Winnings

Winning a lottery can feel amazing. And the best part about winning a lottery with Lotteryheroes.com is that you don’t have to go out and get it yourself. All of your winnings will come into your Lotteryheroes.com account, which will save you the effort of going out and getting it.

Nevertheless, it will take some time for your winnings to come into your account. See, when an individual wins the lottery, lottery officials will have to verify if the person who won the lottery is real. Once they are done with their investigation, you will receive your winnings. This investigation can take a few weeks to complete.

Checking the Lottery Results

Checking the results for your lottery is all part of the experience. Checking the result to see if you won can be very fun, especially if you win. You can check the results for your lottery from the Lotteryheroes.com website. Simply go the lottery page and you can find it right there front and center. 

Checking the results for a lottery, especially one with rollovers, can be a strategic move. Finding out how many rollovers a jackpot has gone through and how big the  jackpot currently is will help you decide if you should bet on it or not.

Winning Prizes From Anywhere in the World

A major advantage of playing the lottery online is that you will be able to play and win the lottery from anywhere in the world. You do not have to personally be there to buy a ticket or receive your winnings. Instead, all you need to do is make an account online, and you will be able to play there.

You can buy tickets from Lotteryheroes.com and your winnings will come into your account. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the different currencies, as you winnings will be in Euros in your account.

Choosing Between Lump Sum or Annuity

When you win the lottery, it is easy to think about all of the great things that you will buy. But you also need to consider something else when you win, Lump Sum or Annuity. These are the two ways that you can receive your winnings. Annuity gives you yearly portions of your winnings, whereas lump sum means that you will be taking you money all at once. Both of these are viable options, so it  all comes down to you and what you want.

Other winners and Their Choices

SuperLotto Plus actually has one of the better annuity offers for jackpot winners. Regardless, very few jackpot winners over the years have taken the offer, if any. The simple truth is that the lump sum payment option just seems more enticing than yearly payments. All of the winners that we mentioned above chose a lump sum payment option over annuity.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning with a Syndicate 

Although winning a lottery is very fun, it can be very hard to actually win. And the only way that you can improve your chances of winning is to buy more tickets. But you can only buy so many tickets before it starts becoming very expensive. But what if you could improve your chances without substantially increasing your costs? Well, that is where syndicates come in.

Syndicates are essentially groups of people who pool their money together to improve their chances of winning. All of these members buy tickets as a single entity, therefore ensuring that they have better odds. Moreover, you will only be paying a fraction of what you were initially paying, for increased odds. These groups do come with one big caveat, it is that a share of the prize money goes to every member.

Shares in Syndicates and How They Work

Since we are already talking about shares, it would be a good time to explain how they work in syndicates. When you join a syndicate, other than choosing how long you will trade with this syndicate, you will also choose your shares. Each share represents a portion of the winnings that you will receive when your group wins.

Shares also represent the amount that you will be paying when buying tickets for the next draw. So while you will receive a bigger piece of the winnings pie, you will also be contributing more.

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The US SuperLotto Plus is one of the biggest lotteries in the state of California. It regularly gives out tens of millions of dollars to lucky winners making them instant millionaires. Starting back in 1986, it slowly grew into a massive lottery that came to rival other major lotteries today. By 2000, the game changed considerably in its rules and name, taking inspiration from the Mega Millions.

It is very similar to most other lotteries in terms of its rules, especially the MegaMillions. You will choose five main numbers from 1 to 47 along with a mega number between 1 and 27. You can also choose to randomize you numbers if you do not care much for the numbers that you have. If you happen to match your numbers with the winning numbers of the draw, you will win the jackpot. You can also win other prizes from the jackpot if you are able to match certain numbers.

Lotteryheroes.com is a site where you can play lotteries like SuperLotto Plus without having to worry about scams. Your funds and winnings will be safe in your account, as you play lottery games from around the world. You can easily access games that would otherwise be impossible to play.

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