12 Ways A Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot Could Change Your Life

With the Mega Millions lottery enacting new rules featuring higher ticket prices and bigger odds, many were quick to look at these new changes with a skeptical view. But, while Mega Millions tickets now cost $2 with the overall odds of winning any single prize now at 1 in 24 rather than 1 in 15, the grand prize will now start at $40 million as opposed to the traditional $15 million. This larger jackpot combined with the improved odds of winning the $1 million prize, will be more than enough of an incentive to keep a majority of Mega Millions players playing.

With this said, what better way to end the 2017 year than by winning the jackpot minimum $40 million? Sure, $40 million seems like an insane amount with even crazier odds, but it’s great to ponder over what can be done with that amount of money.

So, we came up with 12 things you can do that $40 million jackpot if you happen to become that lucky winner. Note: the new Mega Millions rules began on October 6th, 2017.

#1 – Redesign or Build Your Dream Home

The number of ways you would be able to design your dream home are practically endless with a $40 million payday. Want to slide down from the fourth story of your new mansion into your bedroom? With $40 million, it can be done. Or, maybe you want to take care of your friends and family by hooking everyone up with their own bathroom, bedroom, or even houses! Design your backyard with a complex swimming pool, sculpted miniature water fall, or even create your own sandy beach area with a complete with a large fire pit and hammocks for an outdoor lounge area. With a $40 million Mega Millions jackpot, the sky is the limit.

#2 – Help Out Your Friends and Family

Every point in our history can be considered ‘uncertain times’, with really no guarantee that things will get easier for our future generations. Time of potential hardship are always lurking right around the corner, and having a strong financial foundation can definitely help out when things get rough. And sure, it’s very true that money is unable to buy happiness – just ask big lotto winners who eventually lost everything – not being forced to worry about how you’re going to be able to pay your next bills, buy food, or take care of your loved ones can drastically reduce the stress many Americans and people around the world have to feel each day.

#3 – Make Smart Investments, Preserve Your Wealth

If there’s one mistakes many winners of large jackpots have made, it’s preserving, maintaining, and growing their wealth. Even if you win $40 million today, it’s all for naught if you assume you can lavishly spend and live off that wealth forever. If you do win a jackpot, no matter the size, remember to take the necessary steps to preserve and even increase your wealth so you and your family’s future generations can live a healthy, secure life. Some things you should consider are: investing in the stock market, investing in precious metals, and hiring a professional to help you build sustainable businesses.

#4 – Pay Off Debt

If you win $40 million, you get a clean slate financially. In the modern world, there aren’t too many people who live their entire adulthood without some form of debt, like home, car, business, or student loans. But anyone whose made it out of debt knows that it’s not all bad. Find an expert to help wipe the slate clean and start reaching for realistic financial goals. With a $40 million Mega Millions jackpot, it’s a lot easier to reduce good debt and eliminate bad debt.

#5 – Travel the Planet

Lots of lottery winners make financial security and home ownership a big priority as soon as they take home their millions. They prioritize material things so much so in fact, that many of them forget to get out and travel the world! With $40 million, you could travel to the Grand Canyon, climb Mount Everest, traverse the Nile, go scuba diving in the Mediterranean, or just relax and go get a sun tan on the beaches of Greece, the possibilities are endless.

#6 – Support Scientific Endeavors

This one may not sound like the most exciting, but it’s definitely rewarding. With $40 million you would be able to support scientific endeavors such as scientific research, scientific testing, and even help save an endangered species through tagging and monitoring the species. Successfully rescuing an endangered species from extinction by supporting various conservation efforts may end up being the most rewarding thing you ever do if you decide to take that route.

#7 – Fund Space Exploration

Space has long been viewed as the final frontier for human exploration. Thanks to the emergence of new technologies, the once impossible feat of traveling space suddenly becomes possible. The human species has already landed on the moon and sent robots to Mars – but what comes next? With a $40 million lotto win, you could be the person responsible for putting up the funds to send the next manned space mission to a new unexplored planet, or even help fund the development of a cutting-edge material that would allow humans to move through space more freely or withstand the extreme environment on Venus.

#8 – See Space for Yourself

Aside from heavily trained astronauts, the only people able to see the black vacuum of space are the individual’s wealthy enough to purchase a ticket. But with $40 million in the bank, you could buy a ticket to see space for you and your whole family. This would allow you to get a one-of-a-kind view of the planet we live on, while surrounded by millions of bright glowing stars. Seeing space for yourself would allow you to gain a whole new perspective on life. And it can all be yours to see if you win the next Mega Millions jackpot.

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